I am in the process of building this awesome gunite pool in Niceville at a
new house being built by Huff Construction/Home builders. Their buyer, Dr.
Keith and Nora Krist hired us after visiting our web site and learning
about everything we do at PoolAgain. I am featuring this pool project in
the new construction section under gunite pools. Have a look, and you will
see pictures of my version of this pool plan which includes a spa and a
extremely powerful and very energy efficient system. Doing this, I have
taken my 35 years of hands on experience and combined that with a cutting
edge variable speed pump that runs at most any speed from 600 rpm drawing
less than 75 watts all the way up to 3450 rpm and over 3 horse power of hot
tub fun. Each step along the way I have designed out any bottle necks that
would restrict flow and thus prevent the system from operating at its
maximum potential of 140 GPM without putting a strain on the motor. Check
it out, I think you will like what we have done.

John S Miller, Jr. G.C.
DBA PoolAgain
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John S. Miller, Jr.

Certified General Contractor

65A 12th St, Shalimar, FL