The Construction Process of the Modern Non Corrosive Vinyl Liner Pool

I was just 22 years old in 1983 when I wrote and produced the original version of this timeless construction video. I earned my Registered General Contractors Licence that year and we broke the 100 pool mark the first time in the 1984 season that followed, We still build our pools the same way now as we did 30 years ago. Its just hard to improve on perfection!  I stayed with Pensacola Pools for 30 years and over 3000 pool installations as General Contractor and only left when the owner, getting close to retirement age, decided to close the store in Mary Esther after 20 plus years. He suggested that I stay on in Shalimar and take over all the construction projects in south Okaloosa and Walton Counties. That as they say, is the rest of the story, complete with a happy ending.

John Miller, Certified General Contractor and Owner of PoolAgain.

In 1995 I purchased my first lap top computer. It was a gateway 2000 and featured the brand new Pentium mother board. Running windows 95 the interface was familiar to me because I had test drove and then purchased a Macintosh in 1984. 3D Pool design software was still a dream in 1995 but I was able to find a neat little CAD program developed for pool design called Splash. I designed pools with the Splash Software for 10 years when I was introduced to a BETA version of Pool Studio at a national Pool Builders Trade Show in Orlando, Florida. I was hooked and have never looked back. If I help you design your new pool project it will be in Pool Studio. This short video will give you an idea of what to expect.

John S. Miller, Jr.

Masters Level Landscaping  Architecture

National Award Winning Swimming Pool Designer


John S. Miller, Jr.

Certified General Contractor

65A 12th St, Shalimar, FL